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Release Laverne: 7 improvements (100993)

The new BMECat version 5.0 is available, the wizard has the same functionality as version 4.0.3 however there are more fields available for import and export. . If you have set up your own mapping for version 4.0.3, you need to also create them for version 5.0, as these will not be adopted. Furthermore, you now have more influence on the media files you import, which you can manage in the master tables. It is also possible to ignore new products by default in flexible import tiles and DICO has been renewed so that you can match relations.

The EezyBridge API is updated and includes the new technique webp for images. This is a faster way of displaying and resizing images, in combination with activating cache, the responsiveness is fast.

  • 5 improvements in DataProcessor
  • 2 improvements in EezyBridge
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